Which SAT's to retake?

<p>My current SAT scores are: </p>

<p>SAT Reasoning: 2210 (760M 740CR 710W(9e))
SAT Subjects: 760 Math IIC, 720 Chemistry, 680 Literature</p>

<p>Although all of those scores are OK (except Lit :'(), none are really outstanding. If I want to do Early Decision next fall, I have only the October test date to improve my scores, should I retake the Reasoning or Subjects? I think it'll be easier for me to improve the subject scores since I wasn't as well prepared. Any opinions are greatly appreciated, thanks!</p>

<p>Does the school you plan to apply ED to require 2 or 3 SAT II scores? If it requires 3, I'd retake the Eng Lit subject test and maybe others if you want to.</p>

<p>A 2210 should put you in the running for any top school, the rest will depend upon your ECs/Awards/Recs/Grades/Essays.</p>

<p>Thanks xellis! I'm applying to either Columbia or Stanford, the former requires 2 and I'm not sure about the latter, I think they 'strongly recommend 3'? Both are quite a reach though :S Anyone else?</p>

<p>math IIC will be a little tough to improve from there. Really just study a little from Chemistry and LIt again and try to take those 2 again; YOur SAT 2 is fine but if I were you I'd just take it again to try to improve my writing score. Alot of privates take the best score you got for each section so your super score (composite score) can be much higher if you do better on your writing portion. However, just try your SAT 2's again but really you are in a no stress position. If you have the money/time you might as well give it a shot and if things dont work out, the scores your falling back on are amazing.</p>