which schedule is harder/easier? help

<p>Hi, I got my schedule for 1st semester of next year and I wanted to check whether it will be harder or easier than my 2nd smester schedule this year. If it's too hard, I will change it because I want to save time for some of the clubs I participate in. </p>

<p>So, this was my 2nd semester schedule this year:
-AP US History(note: this was the hardest class I have ever taken)
-Spansih 3.5
-AP Psychology(note: I skipped regular psychology)
-AP Physics B and self study Physics C mechanics(note: I skipped regular physics)
-AP Stats
-Multivariable Calc at a CC</p>

<p>Here is my schedule for 1st semester next year:
-Independent study DFQ and Linear Algebra(note: since I have 2 free hrs at school, Ill finish the work for those during school. In other words, no HW for these classes)
-Hrs. Government (prereq for AP gov)
-Hrs Spanish4
-AP Chem
-Engineering PhysicsII at CC(note: similar to physics c e&m only more in depth)
-AP micro econ and AP macro econ online</p>

<p>Which one seems harder and by how much? Please share our opinion becuase I dont want next year to be too hard, and take the notes into account. Thx! :)</p>

<p>any thoughts?</p>

<p>AP chem might be a little challenging, but I'm sure you could handle it. What were your grades for the classes of the second semester this year? I think we could give better insught with that.</p>

<p>I had all A's, if that helps in anyway</p>

<p>Depending on what level you're conducting it at, linear and differential equations can be much harder than multi would ever be. However, if you're just doing primarily numerical problems, those would be roughly comparable.</p>

<p>Beyond that, I'm not familiar enough with the topics to give a holistic opinion (and it depends on your strengths and weaknesses anyways).</p>

<p>I assume that you're a rising senior. I'm not sure I know what AP CA4 is -- perhaps a typo.</p>

<p>Your schedule is way off the charts for a high school student. You seem to have decided to be a college sophomore in high school. So there is no way to answer your question. You're taking an unusual education path and only you can know the reasons for doing so, and whether it is within your ability.</p>

<p>I agree with fogcity that some courses you are taking (Ex.engineering physicsII) are off the charts for typical hs seniors.</p>

<p>But overall, 2nd semester seems harder as long as you can show the colleges that you self studied diffeq and linearalgebra.</p>

<p>I believe you can handle it. Good Luck!</p>

<p>to Uroogla:I follow the DFQ and linear algebra curriculum on OCW</p>

<p>to fogcity: sorry for the typo, I mean ap lit. And the reson for the wierd schedule is that
my CC offered me to get thier associate's before I graduate if I complete 2-3 more classes. So that's the reason for all the CC classes on there.
Ok, overall it seems that that both schedule are roughly the same so Ill probably take off one of the econ classes to make it slightly easier. Thx for the suggestions!</p>

<p>The linear algebra curriculum on OCW should not be much more challenging than multivariate calculus - the course is significantly less proof-based than many college linear algebra courses, and so won't be as challenging as it could be. The same is true of the standard (non-honors) DFQ course. It should prove challenging, but hardly overwhelming.</p>

<p>Thx, that makes me feel better about the schedule :)</p>