Which School for Computer Science?

Hi! I was accepted as a computer science major to SUNY Bing, Fordham, and Northeastern (but Northeastern’s super expensive so I’m not sure I’m even considering it).

Which school has the best CS program (classes, professors, internships, research, etc.)?

Out of these 3, I want to take Bing out of the list just because it’s in the middle of nowhere and I feel like there wouldn’t be much diversity in the student body because it is a state school so it’s mostly people from NYS but if it has a better CS program than Fordham I might reconsider…

Northeastern > Binghamton > Fordham for CS, in my opinion.

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NE >> B > F

but given the cost of NE

B > F


Can someone please clarify why Bing would be better than Fordham? Fordham’s in NYC–would it not be easier to find internships?

just not a school known for its CS department.
More of a humanities / pre-law … maybe some business

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I’ve worked with a surprising number of Binghamton CS grads here in the San Francisco/Silicon Valley area.

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Just to add a +1 to some others, Binghamton has a CS program that punches above its weight compared to the school on the whole. Internship proximity helps Fordham a bit, but their CS just isn’t something the school has heavily invested in.

Some questions:

  1. What are the exact costs here when comparing Northeastern to Binghamton?
  2. How much is Binghamton’s location a concern, and what’s the cost of attending Fordham in comparison?

Basically, this comes down to balancing CS strength, cost, and fit. You need to figure out which are reasonably in play based on cost, then eliminate any schools you absolutely don’t want to be at in terms of fit, and then it becomes a question of CS strength vs minor/acceptable fit/cost differences.


@nr548grad21 , it sounds like you’ve already made your decision. You provided 3 options, then immediately disqualified 2 of them.

Sounds like we should rename this thread, “Tell me why Fordham is the right choice for me, even if it’s not the least expensive nor the best for CS!!!” :smiley:

For most families, cost would be the most important factor. If your family is like most families, you should choose the least expensive option that is not a bad university. None of these three are bad universities, not in general and not for CS.

If your family is fortunate enough to easily afford any of the three (without any student loans) you should choose the one you like best.

A CS degree from any of these universities will allow you to get a good job in the field.


Fordham isn’t that good for CS. Locally, it’ll suffer in comparison to NYU and Columbia, and even Stony SB.
So, if you want to live in NYC, are okay with a so-so CS program, and you can afford Fordham without loans, knock yourself out.
A smarter choice would be Bing, using the saved money to pay for housing in NYC during summer internships, and ultimately more job choices.

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Did you apply to any other schools? Just curious on your list if you were looking at Computer Science. I’m not sure if Bing is even the best SUNY choice for CS. I thought Stony Brook was the SUNY that had the big CS program. You also have Stevens, right across the water in Hoboken if you want to be close to the city.

Reading this made me think gap year or go to CC/Bing and transfer or see if applying to other schools is an option.

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Northeastern is about $60k a year and Bing is about $30k a year so a huge difference. Fordham is about $40k.

I’ve never actually visited Bing. I have however heard from friends the area is boring and I love cities so idkk but apparently Bing is great for CS so I might just reconsider it

LOL I actually only applied to Fordham because they sent me a fee waiver but so far these are the 3 universities I was accepted into so I was weighing my choices–I wasn’t considering Fordham at all until now with cost/location/program.

But thanks!

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My sister and a lot of her friends went to B. I visited them a lot … I mean … it’s a SUNY … and it’s in Binghamton (even though I hear the town has gotten better).
But it’s a good SUNY with good reputation and they try.
Social life at B, from what I’ve seen was pretty awesome.

And Fordham is in the Bronx :frowning:

Yes I did! These 3 are just the ones I was accepted into so far so I was weighing them together.

I heard Stony Brook has awful student life so I didn’t apply there and I don’t want to go to a pure engineering school either so I didn’t apply to Stevens.

SUNY Bing is the best value so far: best academics, “flagship” status, lowest cost. It should be a no-brainer.

Are your friends with the opinion living in Binghamton the town? Are they attending SUNY Bing?
(Put together several thousands 18 to 22 year olds: do you really think it’s going to be boring? :smiley: :smiley: )

With the money you save, you can spend time in cities during summer internships. 10K isn’t pocket change, especially since you would have a better program.

Which other universities have you applied to and when do you hear from them? Did you apply to SB or Buffalo?

@lindagaf : comments on Binghamton?

Yeah I feel like students love Bing but I’m just worried it’d be all the same type of person if that makes sense? Like if most kids come from NYS they probably think pretty similarly, have the same values, etc. I’d love to be around people with a lot of different experiences and views

I don’t think Bronx will be too much of an issue I visit NYC a lot I know what it’s like (not just Manhattan) lol

Seems like you actually made your choice :slight_smile:
Funny enough I have an idea of an average Bingh student, but not a slightest idea of what kind of ppl choose Fordham …

They’re attending the college and HAHA true

Bing was the only SUNY I applied to because I honestly wanted to leave NYS if I could but we’ll see I guess. I have to hear from Cornell, Dartmouth, and other LACs. Didn’t apply to many schools “known” for their CS program besides Cornell really just because I wouldn’t have been able to afford them so I didn’t bother.

Business, finance, communication, performing arts, politics/international relations majors; kids from the NYC Catholic schools who commute.