Which school for Premed?

<p>Hey, Im a highschool senior graduating early</p>

<p>wondering which of these has the best premed programs and acceptance rates..or if you can rank them plz...</p>

<p>Rice University
Duke University
UT Austin
Texas Tech

<p>Thank you...also if u could tell me if i have good chance at getting in any of them</p>

<p>1530 SAT I
232 PSAT (probably national merit finalist)
10 AP classes
SAT IIs taking in Jan but going to be hopefully high 700s
some ecs</p>

<p>I'm speaking for Rice...
you might be interested in the Rice/ Baylor (college of medicine not university) Medical Scholars Program...
i'm going to be a freshman in the fall...Rice is extremely successful in sending off its students to med school </p>

<p>according to this, <a href="http://www.futureowls.rice.edu/futureowls/RiceBaylorFAQs.asp?SnID=961342040%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.futureowls.rice.edu/futureowls/RiceBaylorFAQs.asp?SnID=961342040&lt;/a>
92 % of its applicants who apply to medical school get into at least one medical school compared to nation's average of about 53% :)</p>

<p>btw what is your breakdown for your SAT and your GPA...you have an excellent chance of getting into Rice :)</p>

<p>Thanks for your post...does anyone know which is better? Duke or Rice?</p>

<p>Duke. Period. They also have an excellent Medical School.</p>

<p>L.U.C.K.Y. is correct when it comes to rankings on the usnews. However, I have been told by several parents who have had two of their kids attend rice and duke that the quality of a rice education is better than that of a duke education. Rice is also located right next to one of the most world-renowned medical centers, the Texas Medical Center, so that would allow for plenty of opportunities. The tuition of Rice is also significantly lower than Duke's (about $10,000 lower each year). Duke is a very fine institution and is high on the rankings, but I would say that Rice is excellent in other aspects as well in terms of medical preparation. Both offer their own shares of pros and cons.</p>

<p>to further clarify smazn's statistics earlier, according to the Rice viewbook, "Rice graduates who apply to medical school enjoy tremendous success. Last year 98 seniors applied, and 87 were admitted."</p>

<p>for comparison's sake: in 2003, 126 seniors applied to medical school from Duke, 115 were accepted (91.3%).</p>

<p>ay_caramba, please post a link from where you're getting the stats from. If its possible can you give me U of I at Urbana Champaign's stats?</p>