Which school for wall street?

Fordham University finance
Boston University finance
William & Mary finance
Bucknell University finance
Lehigh University finance
Villanova University CLAS econ

Not sure you will get much different feedback than you received on your other threads.

Which one costs less?

Which one do you like best in terms of curriculum, setting, vibe, etc?

I agree with posters on the other thread who lean toward Bucknell or Lehigh.

Looks like Villanova is new on the list, but if not admitted to school of business I would drop that…unless you are certain LAS econ majors can interview for the same positions/companies that the biz majors do.

cost is not a factor at any of them

Specifically for Wall St, I would say Lehigh and Villanova. Lehigh has a strong alumni group and is represented pretty well for a small school.

I would also encourage you to have an open mind. So many think Wall St without really knowing what it’s like to only find out it’s not for them. Lots of paths you can take from your list of fine schools. Consulting, Big4 (tax and advisory), Corp Fin, Wealth Mgmt, Asset Mgmt, etc.

They all place well for all of them. I wouldn’t choose your school specifically for a future on Wall St. as you may change your focus. Choose a school you really like based on your fit criteria.

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OP: I encourage you to examine the finance & finance related course offerings at each school. This may help you to decide or it may help you to ask more precise questions.

Some schools have special programs or certificate programs designed to prepare students for certain types of careers.

Yep, you still haven’t been able to answer why you’re aiming for the Street. How much do you know about working there?

Anyway, if you’re aiming for the Street, read “The Bigs” by Ben Carpenter.