Which school is better Cal Poly pomona or San jose state?

I got into Cal Poly Pomana and I’m waiting on San Jose State.

Major? Costs? Have you visted both? Better for what?

My major is Accounting. I’ve visited San Jose State tons of times due to the fact that I live 10 minutes away from. As for Cal Poly Pomona I heard that its known for Engineering. I’ve never visited Cal Poly Pomona though.

After having gone through the college search process with both of my children (junior at Cal Poly SLO, senior in high school waiting for acceptances), I can say confidently that it is very important to visit a campus you are thinking of attending. There are so many factors that go into the decision, but in the end, YOU have to LIVE there for four or more years.

@Gumbymom has provided a really good short list of criteria for a decision: Major? (does the school have a quality program in my field of interest?) Costs? (does the school fit my budget?) Have you visted both?(can I see myself living there for four or five years?).

If you have the first two figured out, time for a road trip.

I would also check out the Career center for both campuses and see which employers recruit from each school. SJSU has the advantage of being located in a large city. CPP is more suburban so LA jobs/internships would require longer commutes and reliable transportation.