Which school is better for future transfers?

<p>I was admmited to both Boston College Carroll School of Business and Vandy CAS. I will transfer to other school in my freshman year. Which school should I attend? Vandy or BC?I just want to get a high GPA in my first year to transfer. Thanks everyone!</p>

<p>Wait, why are you planning attend to one just to transfer to the other if you've bee admitted to both?</p>

<p>I betting they want to transfer to some Ivy or Wharton (just guessing b/c student was admitted to a School of Business and Vandy. 2 prestigious schools, one being a B-School) or something. Don't entertain this idea of transferring from one prestigious school to another. You'll just inflate their ego. I hate threads like this. They should just know it doesn't matter if they plan to transfer anyway.</p>

<p>It doesn't matter which school you attend if you're going to transfer. The more important question is which school do you think you'll be more comfortable in if you don't happen to be accepted into whichever school you want to transfer into.</p>