which school is good at private banking education?

<p>i'm selecting schools for MBA applications, and wanna be a private banker after get a MBA degree, but i'm wondering which shool has better education in private banking field? anyone knows?please give me some advice, thanks a lot.</p>

<p>Obviously, Wharton is probably the best, followed by either Harvard, Columbia or University of Chicago. I also think Kellogg, Stanford, MIT-Sloan, Michigan-Ross, Dartmouth-Tuck and NYU-Stern are up there too.</p>

<p>What is 'private banking'? It sounds to me like 'wealth-management', and if it is, then frankly, I don't think you need an MBA at all. Maybe someone else can explain?</p>

<p>private banking is different from wealth management, but either way, a top schools isnt necessary to break into thsi field. Both require the selling of that companies services in order to make a good deal of money</p>

<p>Private banking like retail/commercial banking, or asset management?</p>


<p>how is private banking different from wealth management? please explain...</p>

<p>one is selling services, the other is selling products/services. Private banking is not wealth management, it deals with high end personalized services dealing with banking and trust, not investment plans. Obviouisly they are similar, but they are two different fields</p>