Which school should I apply for at Duke?

I am a senior currently applying to Duke and I was wondering if I should apply as an economics or computer science major. I have a lot of interest in both fields and I have grades in those subjects to back it up. I also have EC like an internship at the NIH where I worked on image analysis. I do not know if these details are important to my decision process but I will include it anyway. Which major is basically easier to get into?

So since you’re interested in both econ and comp sci, you’d most likely be applying to Trinity. Duke, for undergraduate education, is divided mainly between Pratt (the engineering school) and Trinity (the college of Arts and Sciences). The major that you list on your application isn’t really that important; your activities and rewards will basically speak to your academic interests to admissions.

Agree with ^^^. Does not matter what your major is, they won’t care. Just indicate which one you like better, and make sure you can support the interest somehow (essay, EC, etc).