Which school should I choose? Or just any info/opinions ...

<p>I've been accepted to the following schools as a transfer student from an Ohio community college. They are average state schools, but I am still pretty clueless as to their relative academic quality/reputations. I will be in the film studies/production program. Any input is greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>CU Boulder
Hofstra (w/9k a year scholarship)
Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Columbia College Chicago
University of Arizona</p>

<p>Still waiting on:
Denison (I have a fairly good shot with my test scores and GPA, it is my one "competitive" school)</p>

<p>Thanks again</p>

<p>It's a pretty random assortment of not-so-great schools (compared to where some of you are applying), I understand. I pretty much just went through a Barron's list of schools with notable film programs and applied. </p>

<p>I had no input from guidance counselors (my school is a joke), and I'm beginning to think I should've aimed a little higher.</p>

<p>Oh well.</p>

<p>just feel like bumping this post for yah =]</p>