which school?

<p>I have applied to a ton of schools, and have been accepted to 6/6. As of now, which would you go to and why?
USC 10k scholarship (Deans)
U Mich oos- ann arbor
SMU- 15k scholarship (founders)... hopefully I'll be interviewed for the full scholarship
U of Kentucky oos
MSU oos
CU Denver instate.... there is no way I go here...So dont count this one lol.
So which one would u pick as of now (still have to hear from a bunch of other schools)? I want to major in biology for med school.</p>

<p>They all seem to be quite costly schools. You need to look at the true cost of attending each of the schools (including the traveling cost for 4 years), not just the amount of scholarship they give you.</p>

<p>I guess few CCers here would know most of these schools enough to tell you which school is better for you as a premed. But be aware that some of these schools have a quite high percentage of rich kids. Only you can tell whether you could fit nicely into their kind of social life, e.g., expensive summer camps since childhood, Europe trips any time without any reason, the cost of going to any expensive restaurant often is never a concern. They are still friendly. But non-top-5 percenters really can not catch up with them financially to fit into their day-to-day life after a while on campus. (Since you mention several private ones, there is a chance your family is among one of the top 5 percenters. Then it is not a concern for you at all.)</p>

<p>My personal feeling is that all of these listed schools are roughly equal -- although the premed pool at some of these schools may be more competitive, which could be good (better track record for their graduates) or bad (easier to fall out of the successful premed crowd, may require a different level of non-school related achievement outside the grades to prove yourself). This highly depend on your personal situation. Also, whether your goal is for a very top academic-medicine-oriented medical school or the goal is for your in-state public medical school after 3-4 years. The latter goal is an ambitious one already.</p>

<p>Maybe just choose the one that has a larger, more convenient airport nearby (hopefully with a non-stop flight) since you dislike your in-state one so much. It could save a lot of traveling hassles for 4 years. This benefit is a sure thing; all others depend on you yourself (i.e., how you will perform there.)</p>

<p>You did not indicate if you visited all schools that you are choosing from.
If you did not, you have to visit, talk to current students and possibly faculty, research majors/programs.<br>
You also did not indicate the price tag that you consider for your UG. Are you looking for free, or it does not matter, or something in a middle?
Do you want to be close from home or far away, or it is irrelevant?<br>
Are you considering minor(s)? Not all schools will offer minors in area of your interest.
..........there are many criteria that by this stage of your decision making, should have been organized on spread sheet. Maybe you have it. If you did, you should have preference numbers attached to each. Then decision is very easy and obvious. When D. did not get into her #1 program, she just went to #2 with the smile and it happened to be a very good choice for her.<br>
Nobody here will know criteria that you consider. Your personal preferences are of the most importance, do not underestimate them.</p>