Which Schools Admit in Winter & Spring?

<p>I heard that UCSD does if you complete their TAG along with UC Davis' TAA. Although you may be able to xfer in the quarter I heard that it's much harder. The reason why I'm asking is I'll be finished with my 60 units by the end of Fall if I decide to take at least 15 units. Does anyone have experience with xfering in the quarter? I really want to xfer ASAP since I'm getting to sick of studying at a CC. It's not like I have anything to lose so I might as well do it right?</p>

<p>I am trying to transfer to UCI winter quarter with a PAIF contract (pretty much to same as TAG and TAA I think). I too and SOO sick of CC's. I would suggest meeting with a transfer counselor or calling admission and making sure. My counselor said I shouldn't have a problem if I signed the PAIF contract. I'm thinking if I take up to the 70 units, with a summer class or something I may be able to graduate in 1 year, 2 quarters which will equal less money. The only thing I'm worried about is getting on campus housing (housing department said its possible though :/ ) since apartments by UCI are so high in rent. I would love to hear other peoples thoughts though!</p>

<p>First.....I love my CC. #1 in the nation actually...anyway, as far as Winter is concerned, I know that UCSB does open for TAA applicants with at least a 3.1 GPA, however......because of budget cuts last year (if not some previous years), over .1,300 at my school who had planned on transferring during Winter were refunded their deposit and asked to apply in the Fall.</p>

<p>Applying in Winter or spring sounds more like a suggestion....than something that actually happens....Had lots of very disappointed friends on my hands....</p>

<p>I read on the UC web site that those who were sent back their deposits because of budget cuts did not have a contract with the school. My counselor from UCI said that they are only accepting students who qualify for the PAIF contract, and I'm sure others like TAG and TAA, and apply for it however other students who apply without will not be accepted. I will try to find the article that stated that only the students with admission agreements were granted acceptance.</p>

<p>Yea, like I said I just want to get out of SMC ASAP! I have nothing to lose so applying for winter and/or spring should not affect me in any way. As mentioned above, I should just talk to my counselor to see what my chances are and other important info.</p>

KristiC that is good news! As long as I fulfill the TAG, TAA, PAIF agreement then I am good to go, right? I'm going to talk to my counselor today. I feel so excited right now hahahaha.</p>

<p>yes you should be fine, but definetly talk with your counselor because you need to meet with someone at your schools of choice to sign the agreement in late June, before you apply in July, which they said may not be online, so you will have to keep checking the UC Pathways website for more information.</p>

<p>KristiC thank you so much! You seriously made my day! Can you tell how anxious I am to get out of a CC? hahaha! You know, the only reason why I chose to apply in the fall was because I wanted to get into CAL or UCLA since 1) they only accept applications at this time
2) they don't offer any guaranteed agreements</p>

<p>Actually, I'm still considering UCLA because it's always been my dream school and the fact that my mom went there is another reason I take in consideration. CAL is not so much on my list anymore even though it's possibly one of the greatest universities you could receive your education from. Good thing I started fulfilling the TAG (UCSD) contract requirements. Not sure if the TAA (Davis) contract has similar requirements.</p>