Which schools am I qualified for?

Hi! I’m college searching and I’m curious. Thanks!!

I have a 34 ACT
I own a non-profit.
i am first generation to go to college.
3.66 gpa
Won a business competition here in chicago. I moved on to compete at regionals in Florida
Member of NAWBO, (National Association of Women Business Owners)
very passionate about women’s rights/feminism
Youth Diplomats program (like united nations but for teens from all around the world
young entrepreneurs academy
national honors society/chinese national honors society
quadrilingual (spanish, italian, chinese, english)
good letters of rec
supplemental letters from depaul university dean, president of nawbo, successful female entrepreneur (Stanford alum)
I run a girl scouts troop
I worked at a zoo.

Really just curious? What colleges did you have in mind?

For umich you have a great ACT score, but your GPA is a bit on the low side. If you are currently a sophomore or junior, you still have a chance to get that up. Your activities look great here, but make sure that you can talk about each of them with substance.

@lostaccount I mean, the dream would be University of Chicago or Stanford, but I also like other schools like Michigan , USC, UIUC, any school really. I was just wondering where others would think I would best fit. Thanks!