Which schools are safeties, matches, and reaches for me?

UF, FSU, UNC, UVA, Wake Forest, Emory, GW, Vanderbilt, American, James Madison

-I live in FL
-4.0 unweighted GPA, 5.8 weighted (that’s how my high school does it, it would definitely be different recalculated for college)
-33 act
-1 AP class sophomore year, 4 junior year, 4 senior year
-involved in theater program at my high school, member of international honor thespian society, competed in multiple theater competitions and won awards
-Vice President of an organization at my school called Why Define Us? - a group that mentors middle school girls on topics such as body image, self confidence, social media, and coming of age
-volunteer life guard for a summer at the Y
-volunteer at Give Kids the World- a place where make a wish kids stay with their families when their wish is to go to Disney
-regular babysitting

Have you and your parents run the net price calculator on each school?

Also, check each school to see if it admits by major; if so, check if your major is a more selective one.

In order of most difficult to least difficult: probably

  1. Vanderbilt- Reach
  2. UVA- Low Reach
  3. UNC- Low Reach
  4. Emory- High Match
  5. Wake Forest- Match
  6. GW- Match
  7. UF- Low Match/safety unless your applying to engineering than match
  8. American- Safety
  9. James Madison- Safety
  10. FSU- Safety

Edit: American really considers interest so that is definitely not a safety. Probably a match