Which schools don't superscore the SAT?

I’m only aware of the UCs, what are the other schools that don’t superscore the SAT? Most schools seem to superscore or ask for all scores.

Here’s is the list of college’s testing policies are provided by the College Board. As these seem to change for each admissions cycle, you should verify the information with your target colleges.

@skieurope That’s a useful pdf, thank you! Do you know if there’s one for the ACT too?

Both Prepscholar and Princeton Review have lists. Since they are secondary sources, they may not be up-to-date, so again, you would want to verify with the college. This site does not allow me to post those links, but goggling “what colleges superstore ACT” will bring them up.

Be aware that the College Board/SAT list is unreliable in that it is inaccurate for many colleges, with the result that the Princeton Review and Prep Scholar lists are also unreliable since they rely on the SAT list. To give an example, the SAT list has about 300 colleges that have an “All Scores” rule, meaning they require you to submit all SAT test scores if you took two or more tests, when in fact there are actually only about 10 colleges (counting the UCs as one) that have such a rule. It is also lists a number of colleges as having a 'Highest Section" score (superscore) rule when they either use that test with the highest composite or, in a number of cases, do not even require SAT or ACT tests.

The SAT list has been substantially inaccurate since the time it was first published about 8 years ago and SAT has done nothing to correct it since that first publication. As a result there is no accurate list to be found anywhere on the internet because all lists I have found on the internet simply rely, under the assumption that it is accurate, on the abomination created by the College Board.

In other words, if you want to determine a college’s actual rule, you should review the particular college’s rule online or contact the college to determine the issue. Generally, what you will find is that most (but not all) private colleges superscore SAT tests and most (but not all) public colleges use that test with the highest composite.