Which Schools Find Out Tomorrow (12/15)?

<p>Which schools find out tomorrow (12/15) and which tonight?</p>


<p>~ Brett</p>

<p>Cornell is tomorrow.</p>

<p>Florida State. 7:00 AM.</p>

<p>Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Princeton's letters are in the mail tomorrow...</p>

<p>Duke at 6pm on the 15th online</p>

<p>Does anyone know what time Stanford's comes out?</p>

<p>claremont mckenna comes out 12/15</p>

<p>Emory snail mails theirs on the 15th...so Emory appliants have to wait it out</p>

Bates is the same. No online notification.</p>

<p>Hopkins was supposed to send out all their emails today, but there were several errors and some people, myself included, didn't get one. I'll have to wait a few more days I guess. What fun...</p>