Which Schools Should I Apply To?

<p>I live in Los Angeles, California
White Caucasian (Armenian)
Private School
Home Income: Middle Bracket
Majoring: Computer Science or Computer Engineering</p>

<p>Sat I: 1460, Math-740, Verbal-720 (highest score in class)
Sat II: Math IIC-670, Writing-690, U.S. History-700 (I'm taking my SAT II's again with Bio instead of History)
GPA Rank: 15/63
Highschool GPA Weighted: 3.877, Unweighted: have no clue
9th grade: 3.583, 10th grade: 3.882, 11th grade: 4.178
Most rigorous courseload possible at my school
AP classes taken: 10th-Art History, 11th-U.S. History, English Lang, 12th-Calculus, Government, English Lit
AP tests taken: Art History (4), U.S. History (4), World History (4), English Lang (3), Macroeconomics (3), Microeconomics (3) (Most AP's passed from my class)</p>

<p>Extracurricular Activities:
Academic Decathlon (USAD): 10th-12th grades, team captain 11th and 12th grade, have won 10th grade: 8 medals (6 gold), 11th grade:10 medals (7 gold), both in regionals.
LADWP Science Bowl: 11th grade, got recognition in regionals
Student Council: 9th grade: Class Representative, 10th grade: Class President
Science Fair: 9th grade: got recognition in regional science fair</p>

<p>My school doesn't have many activies to participate in.</p>

<p>Awards: AP Scholar with distinction </p>

<p>I guess that's about it. Which schools should i apply to and which would be a good fit for me? Do you think i can get any partial scholarships to some schools? Should apply to schools like Stanford and of that ranking?</p>

<p>Don't be shy</p>

<p>USC, UCLA if you wanna stay in same city ;)</p>

<p>alrighty then, anyone else?</p>

<p>what are my chances</p>

<p>like i said in one of your other posts. Carnegie Mellon.</p>

<p>bump! bump!</p>

<p>UCs, and you should try privates like standford if you have the money or financial aid to pay for it</p>

<p>I think Stanford will be a reach, but you can try regardless. However a pretty good school UCBerkley seems good for you. I heard they have good engineering. USC isn't bad too, but it is expensive :P</p>

<p>anyone else?</p>

<p>Carnegie Mellon you should easily get into. Berkeley is an awesome school for anticipated field of study and your basically in since your in-state. Stanford might be a reach but you still have a shot. You could try MIT but that is definetely a reach with luck.</p>

<p>thankyou guys</p>