Which schools should I submit my SAT score to?

I was only able to take the SAT once in March. Since then my SAT has been cancelled like 4 times, just like many others, I’d assume. (I’ve given up on rescheduling and taking it, makes more sense to just focus on other parts of my app instead of compromising my family and I’s health.)
So anyways I was just wondering if theres any rule of thumb on when I should submit my score? Like should I only submit to schools where my score is above their average? or 75th percentile?
Or should I submit even if its only around the school’s 25th percentile but write in the additional info section that I took it for the first time in march without studying, as like a trial run, and have been unable to retake it? just bc I feel like its a decent score for a first try and could possibly help me esp if they knew it was just an initial score?

if anyone has any insight from counselors/admissions offices lmk :slight_smile:

The general advice here has been to submit your scores if they exceed the mid-point of the 25th and 75th percentiles on the school’s CDS (an approximation for the average/median).

I don‘t think lower score with an “explanation” would be a good idea - everyone is facing a similar situation.

“I didn’t really prepare for it” would not be well received, IMHO.

makes sense, thanks! I’ll submit it to schools where my score is above average then