Which schools still require SAT/ACT?

Does anyone know of a list of schools that ARE still requiring SAT/ACTs? I have searched and can only find lists of schools that are now test-optional.

I know I can figure it out by process of elimination, but I’d love to see a complete list of non-test optional schools. Can’t seem to find one anywhere!


Curious - for what purpose?

I have not seen such a list.

As you say, if you have a list of test optional schools, those requiring the tests would be the complementary set.

DS was lucky enough to have taken the SAT last Dec and did very well. I completely understand the reason for schools to be going test optional, but it is tough to be told that his achievement is essentially worthless. Every school on his current list is test optional or test blind. We’d like to see a list of schools still requiring SATs to see if there are any worth adding to his list, in order to take advantage of his strong score.
I know we can look at the list of test optional schools, but like I said - every one already on his list is already test-optional, so that list doesn’t help us.

Test optional is not the same as test blind. His achievement is not worthless! If he submits his strong score, it WILL be a positive data point on his application. It is kind of a waste of time for him to apply to any colleges based primarily on whether they still require a test score. If he has a strong score, chances are he has other strengths on his application too, and he’ll land somewhere good for him. Schools that were reaches will still be reaches. However, his pre-covid matches are unlikely to suddenly become reaches simply because they no longer require a test score.

Thank you for your reply. I do understand the difference between test optional and test blind. I just feel that - if it is completely even between him and another candidate, and the other candidate doesn’t have a test score, wouldn’t the school have to accept the other candidate? Because, according to these test optional schools, applicants won’t be penalized for not submitting scores. I honestly feel that, in some cases, having a test score will end up counting against candidates, because schools will HAVE to show that they are accepting candidates without scores, not just those with. And for top schools, the only candidates submitting scores are going to be those with super-high ones, so there is no real advantage to having a high
score. Not sure If that makes sense?

Anyway, it mostly doesn’t matter because there is nothing we can do about it - he will be submitting his score regardless. But, since he doesn’t have a ‘dream school’ and has a very open mind to different options, I just thought it would be smart to check out any schools where SAT scores aren’t optional, because he would have a clear advantage, especially since kids aren’t going to be able to take tests over and over again trying to achieve higher scores. I just can’t find a list of non-test-optional schools, which is frustrating, since pretty much every single other list about colleges is readily available on the internet ?

I don’t know if there’s a list (tons of schools are going test-optional, so it’s always best to confirm with the admissions website, although the common application if I remember has a brief statement about each school’s test-requirements once you add it to your application,) but the University of Florida still requires SAT/ACT test scores (https://admissions.ufl.edu/apply/freshman/)

Hope this helps! Good luck with admissions!

I respectfully disagree with this. Colleges aren’t going to turn down kids with great scores AND strong applications just to prove they are sincere about accepting kids without test scores. There is no one monitoring and holding them accountable to accept test optional applicants. Not penalizing kids without scores does not automatically go hand-in-hand with penalizing kids who DO have scores. It is in the college’s best interests to take the strongest applicants who are likely to attend, whether or not they are TO. The test score is just a data point in an applicant’s file, no more, no less.

It is possible that colleges are only going to see strong scores this season. In the past, applicants would throw in poor or “just okay” scores because their application would be incomplete if they failed to post a score. This year such applicants will be more likely to apply test optional. In some articles, admissions officers have confirmed a strong score will still be viewed as a positive point in their favor (one from a mid-Atlantic college went as far to say that testing this year “shows initiative”).

USNWR used to ding colleges in its rankings if a certain percentage of students didn’t report a score. While that probably won’t happen this year (I believe the 2021 methodology will be shared in September), it still looks good for the college when its average SAT/ACT scores go up. Only applicants with strong scores can make that happen for them.

This is not reason for TO applicants to panic. Again, it is in the college’s best interests to take the strongest applicants who are likely to attend, whether or not they are TO. It is each applicant’s job to present the best application they can. My point is that this is not the time to hold back!