Which schools take best act section

<p>I have taken the act two times. One time i got a 31, the next time i got a 32. If you take the best from each sectoin, i end up getting a 34. I was wondering which top schools take the best in each section and make that your composite. Do colleges like caltech, mit, johns hopkins, ect. do this.</p>

<p>from the act website</p>

<p>"Can I send scores from two different dates to a college as one score report?</p>

<p>No. We do not combine scores from different test dates in our reports. ACT maintains a separate record for each test date, and it is ACT's policy to report scores only for entire test dates. In requesting a score report from ACT, you may not select test scores from different test dates to construct a new record; you must designate an entire test date record as it stands."</p>

<p>i know that the act will not combine it for you. But some colleges look atyour best sections and take those. Does anyone know them, essp the ones i have listed? ty</p>

<p>Most colleges do not combine ACT sections from different sittings. They look at the composite only, and the sections that made up that composite. (Many will look at your best SAT sections from different sittings, however.)</p>

<p>You can anonymously call the admissions office of the colleges you're interested in and ask. That's the simplest way to get accurate information.</p>

<p>Trinity University in San Antonio does that. From their website:</p>

<p>"The admissions committee considers the highest subtest scores from all testing dates. For the SAT I we combine the highest verbal and math scores, for the ACT we re-average the score based on the highest verbal, math, reading, and science reasoning scores. Therefore, submitting additional scores can never hurt an application. "</p>

<p>Washington University in STL does that for the ACT and SAT</p>

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