Which Schools to apply to?

<p>Hi, I am fairly new to CC so any help is appreciated. I am in High school, and I am curious about which colleges to apply to. I don't know if I have enough safeties or reaches or whatever. Help is appreciated. Here are my stats:</p>

<p>ACT: 34
GPA: 3.9 UW and 4.5 W.
I take pretty much all honors and AP classes.
I have decent ECs.
I will apply for financial aid. (I need it!)
I will probably major in economics or business along with a minor in either Spanish or Mandarin. (I love languages, and I really want to travel!)
Also I am planning on eventually getting an MBA. (After a few years of work experience.)</p>

<p>I am planning on applying to:
Boston College
U Mich - Ann Arbor (legacy and in-state)
Michigan State

<p>I know Stanford, Yale, Dartmouth, and Duke are reaches for just about anyone, but should i apply to more safeties or some more schools that are about a 50 percent chance? More reaches? I really don't want to get stuck with only one or two schools to choose from. Please Help! Thanks!</p>

<p>I'd say you're in at UIUC, MSU, Michigan, BC. So don't worry about it, I'm pretty sure you'll get into UNC as well as Northwestern. But you can never be too sure with the rest. Duke and Georgetown, I wouldn't be surprised if you got in, but it really depends on your ECs as well, so I hope you've got something up your sleeve because I don't really get much of an "I'm a unique individual with a life" feel.</p>

<p>Are you happy with Michigan? Given your stats and if they count legacy, seems like you're in. All you need is one school that's safe and you like, do the choosing now.</p>

<p>Haha, this is true, and thanks for the help. I really am not all that unique. I am tops at my school, but compared to other applicants I don't know how much I will stand out. I haven't done anything special, just your typical ECs like sports, clubs, student council, and volunteering, and my numbers are not anything special either. Almost a fifth of my school's graduating class goes to University of Michigan every year, and that's where like my whole extended family went. I really want to go somewhere different and explore, even though Umich is a great school. I just don't really know yet what to do.</p>

<p>Oh, I'm pretty sure you're unique. You want to study Mandarin. I bet some of your ECs matter to you, just get involved in them. Volunteering's always good, don't sweat it. UIUC is a great school, even if it's your backup.</p>

<p>Thanks! I appreciate it!</p>

<p>middlebury is great for foreign language majors and the campus is amazing!</p>

<p>Yeah, have you checked out any liberal arts colleges?</p>

<p>Notre Dame and Holy Cross are similar to Boston College.</p>

<p>I just looked up Middlebury and it looks awesome and like a great fit! However, I do like sports and would miss going to a school with competitive sports teams. (Division 1) That is also part of why I haven't looked at many liberal arts colleges. But thanks!</p>

<p>Thanks par72, I am not catholic though, and I feel like ND and Holy Cross might be a little too much for me. I have heard that although BC and Georgetown are catholic they isn't as much presence in every day life.</p>

<p>Holy Cross is a Jesuit school same as Georgetown and BC so the catholic presence will be identical. HC is part of the Patriot League which has division 1 sports so you may also want to look into other Patriot League colleges like Colgate, Bucknell, Lafayette, etc.</p>

<p>Thanks a lot everyone! I have learned a lot from this thread. :)</p>