Which score is better? - tufts

<p>Is it better to recieve a wide range of scores such as:
English 27
Maths 33
Reading 27
Science 23
with a composite of 28</p>

Is it better to recieve consistent scores such as:
English 28
Maths 28
Reading 28
Science 28
with a composite of 28</p>

<p>Thoughs are very much appreciated</p>

<p>Some schools accept super scores. This takes the best sub-scores of each test, and combines them. Given the two tests you've provided, your super score would be a 29, almost 30. But if the college you're applying to doesn't accept super scores, I'd submit the first one. I think that colleges look at the English, Math, and Reading scores more than the Science scores. The 33 on the Math section looks very nice when applying to schools, especially if your intended major is engineering, or something math-related.</p>

<p>you're reassurance is v appreciated. thank you :)</p>