which score should I send?

<p>I got a 23, then a 24 on ACT after taking it again</p>

<p>BUT I just took the SAT(oct 10), and prob did better than the equivalent to ACT/conversion scale, if that makes sense. There are always exceptions to those conversions anyways, so I don't exactly trust them...</p>

<p>Assuming that I'm am going to do better on SAT than the general equivalent of ACT, should I still send my ACT? A) I don't even know if they will even recieve my SAT scores by the college's respective deadlines for priority or early action, because the results come out the 29th and some deadlines of mine(big 10) are nov 1 and nov 15 for EA.</p>

<p>Am I making sense? I don't want to send a lower ACT and get rejected right away before they see a likely better SAT score that they just didnt recieve yet.</p>

<p>I really don't want to opt for regular decision, because my gpa is abomidable(sp?)...its an 89.</p>