Which score to use?

<p>I recently got a 2160 on my SAT 750 reading, 710 math, 700 writing and then today I got my scores on the ACT 32 composite 30 English, 32 math, 35 reading, 30 science, which one should I submit to colleges, and does it make a difference? thanks in advance for any replies.</p>

<p>32 corresponds to 2120, so your SAT score is a bit better. You might as well send both, though.</p>

<p>I dont know anything about the ACT, but my advice would be that you send in both if they are similar, it shows that you've worked for two tests and it confirms the scores, since they are similar ... so they'll know that that particular score is your intellect/level etc and not 'chance' or anything. I hope my rambling made sense.</p>

<p>If you've haven't taken any Subject Tests yet and do not wish to take them, then you should be completely fine with sending in your ACT score since most colleges are okay with just receiving an ACT score.</p>

<p>Otherwise, sending both isn't a bad idea either.</p>