Which Scores Should I Submit to Colleges?

Hi, I am new to College Confidential so sorry if I posted this question in the wrong section or something.

My question is whether I should submit both my ACT and SAT scores to top-tier colleges or if I should just submit my ACT score. On the ACT I have a 35 composite with subsections of 35 W, 35 CR, 34 M, and 35 S but I got an 8 on the essay (I was kind of unfamiliar with the format of an ACT essay). I have only took the ACT once. I took the SAT twice and superscored I have a 2310 with subsections of 800 M, 800 CR, and 710 W with a 10 on the essay. I know my SAT composite is not as high as my ACT composite score, but I believe that my SAT essay score and my math and reading scores might be able to bolster my ACT scores if I send both of them in. The only thing I am worried about though is my low SAT writing score, which might be detrimental to my application if I send in my SAT scores as well. I would appreciate your honest opinion and in no way am I trying to brag or anything like that by posting my scores.

Thank you so much.


Submit both. Neither will hurt.

Anyone else’s opinion?