Which scores should I submit?

I’m planning on applying to several highly selective colleges, such as Columbia and Johns Hopkins, so I was wondering whether anyone could provide any insight into how I should handle my standardized test scores. On the December 2015 SAT, I scored a 2050 (780 math, 670 reading, and 600 English), March 2016 SAT, I scored 1560 (790 math, 770 English/reading); and on the April 2016 ACT, I made a 33 (35 English, 36 math, 30 on reading and science, and 27 writing). If I’m interpreting the scores correctly, I’m thinking that I should submit just my new SAT scores to colleges that give the choice between the two. Is this an accurate assessment?

Also, I scored 780 US History, 770 Math 1, 800 Math 2, 790 Biology E, and 760 Chem on the SAT II tests, and I was wondering which scores I should submit if I can submit only so many (because there are some strange percentiles for the different scores among tests) or whether I need to hold any of these scores back from colleges (like my chem score)? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

According to the concordance tables, 1560 new SAT is a 35 ACT, so only submit the new SAT when you have the option.

All those scores are great, but I think M2, Bio, and USH are the top 3 if that’s the max you can submit. It also depends on your major though - an eng’g major might want to do M2, Bio, and Chem.

I agree with @usualhopeful, and you did way better than me. on the old SAT, I only got 1390 (440 reading, 490 math, and 460 writing) but still got accepted into my 1st choice college (delaware state).

Send as many of those SATII scores as you can, they are incredible! Go with the new SAT when you can.