Which scores?

<p>I know there is already a thread about this, but can I send ACT and SAT I scores? Not my SAT II's? I know it says that you must send all scores from the agency's you send scores from, but if I don't send my SAT II's, how will they know that I ever took them? They would have to assume that I sent all available scores?</p>

<p>Either ACT or SAT AND Subject Tests. It’s their policy, breaking it is like playing with fire, so it’s up to you</p>

<p>If you are sending the ACT to fulfill testing requirements, then sending SAT scores is optional, but Y gives you the CHOICE, send all or none. </p>

<p>I’m not sure I understand what is so difficult about following these directions??</p>

<p>Y adcoms are not sitting around thinking about what tests you might or might not have taken/done well/poorly in. They simply look at what you send them and evaluate your application at face value.</p>

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<p>I mean, I took the subject tests and did really poorly on them, especially the biology one, because I hadn’t been in a biology class for over a year. And my SAT I scores (2040), are a bit better than my ACT scores (28), though all my scores are extremely sub par for Yale.</p>

<p>So, you have a choice to make, slightly better SAT but low Subject tests, or lower ACT. But that’s the ONLY choice you have.</p>

<p>Gahhh…that’s difficult. They are all terrible scores, so what do you think I should do?</p>

<p>You could either:

  1. Take the SAT again in January and give a rush report (I don’t remember if there’s a section where you could put schools to send your scores immediately on the test, but if there isn’t, use rush reporting)</p>

<li>Take the ACT again in February and do the same as above</li>

<p>I believe that Yale accepts the SAT/ACT from tests taken no later than the above dates, though the Feb. ACT is slightly riskier in terms of expediency.</p>

<p>Why not have us weigh in on how “terrible” these scores are. Posters here are notorious for thinking anything less than 700’s is terrible. My DS submitted everything, 33 and 35 ACT’s, 800, 800, 760, 740 SAT II’s and a 2190 SAT I and he was accepted SCEA, Class of 2017. No “hooks”.</p>

<p>[Standardized</a> Testing for Freshman Applicants | Yale College Admissions](<a href=“http://admissions.yale.edu/standardized-testing]Standardized”>http://admissions.yale.edu/standardized-testing)
You must submit scores from either The SAT and any two SAT Subject Tests - or - The ACT Plus Writing Test</p>

<p><a href=“http://admissions.yale.edu/faq/standardized-testing#t186n1774[/url]”>http://admissions.yale.edu/faq/standardized-testing#t186n1774</a>
QUESTION: If I have taken the SAT and at least two SAT Subject Tests, and the ACT with Writing, must I report all scores from both testing agencies? Can I send only the SAT test scores or only the ACT test scores provided that I fulfill Yale’s testing requirement?</p>

<h2>ANSWER: Yes. As long as you provide a complete set of score reports from one testing agency (either the College Board or ACT, Inc.), you are not required to report scores from both. You can choose to report either all of your SAT results (both SAT and SAT Subject Tests) or all of your ACT results. If you want us to have any scores from both the College Board and ACT, Inc., you must report all scores from both testing agencies.</h2>

<p>PLEASE NOTICE THE LAST LINE: If you want us to have any scores from both the College Board and ACT, Inc., you must report all scores from both testing agencies.</p>

<p>If you send your ACT and SAT I, you must then also send your SAT Subject tests as well.</p>