Which should I put as my top 3 academic interests?

<p>My main three interests in undergrad would be Government, International Studies, and Economics. But I'm planning on going to law school. I have indicated that my highest degree I plan on earning is a JD, but I'm not sure if I should put pre-law as one of my academic interests. I really do not want to because all three of the ones I mentioned in the first sentence are important to what I want to study...should I keep them or sacrifice one and put pre-law?</p>



<p>Government? Haha only one school I know of calls it that instead of Political Science ;)</p>

<p>Don't put pre-law. It's generally considered a joke in undergraduate admissions anyway. Just put down the three you mentioned (in fact, they're exactly the same as what I'm putting down, except replace International Studies with History).</p>

<p>I meant Political Science :P Sorry</p>

<p>People go to law school with all sorts of degrees. Those are fine.</p>