Which song describes your life the best?

<p>You can only pick one. Well..which song?</p>

<p>'Your Story' by Masataka Nakagauchi (Japanese guy!)</p>

<p>Best parts of the lyrics:


Don't ever say 'I give up'
Things cannot be as simple as that
Fulfill that dream you believed in
No matter how far,
It goes on and never stops
this story where you play the leading part</p>

<p>In the darkness
When I couldn't see ahead
Your voice encouraged me</p>

<p>Don't show your tear-strained face
There's no way you are on your own
These feelings we both believe in
Are forever</p>

<p>This will never change
This irreplaceable story"


<p>in exile- thrice</p>

<p>Piano Sonata No. 2 - Fr</p>

<p>Talkin 2 Myself- Eminem.</p>

<p>I feel like we've already had a 6 page thread on this inquiry.
^That sounds depressing.</p>

<p>^negative nathan</p>

<p>Soulja Boy - Pretty Boy Swag</p>

<p>^^ positive phyllis :b</p>

<p>I Made It

<p>the space between - dave matthews band</p>

<p>Billionaire -- Travie McCoy</p>

<p>Yes, I really do want to be a billionaire. So freaking bad.</p>

<p>^That also applies to me.</p>

<p>Boulevard of Broken Dreams</p>


<p>Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day</p>

<p>atm airplanes- bob and hayley williams</p>

<p>She Said, She Said - The Beatles

She said "I know what it's like to be dead
I know what it is to be sad."
And she's making me feel like I've never been born</p>

<p>I said "Who put all those things in your hair
Things that make me feel that I'm mad
And you're making me feel like I've never been born."


It's good, but it doesn't really make any sense = my life.</p>

<p>I'm in love with a stripper!- T-Pain</p>