Which sounds more rigorous and/or intellectual, Political Science or History?

<p>Just curious about what people think.</p>

<p>Honestly, neither.</p>

<p>I don't mean it as disrespect to anybody with those degrees. In reality, you tell somebody you have a degree in PoliSci or History, and it is usually met with "that's nice".</p>

<p>Tell somebody you have a degree in Nuclear Engineering or Astrophysics, and it's met with a slightly different reaction.</p>

<p>Try it out for fun and see people's reactions.</p>

<p>hmm, well most people assume that i am fairly intelligent because i am majoring in polisci. or maybe it's the glasses, who knows. but yeah, next to nuclear engineering or astrophysics it's no comparison haha. either way, i don't think history or polisci are stereotypically dumb majors. and i don't think the title of you major (whether it be history or polisci) is nearly as important as how you present yourself/ how intelligent you actually are.</p>

<p>to try to answer your question though, id say they are pretty even</p>

<p>In general, they're about the same. The difference could be what school it is at, as some schools may have a better/more rigorous program in one or the other.</p>

<p>My personal opinion:
Rigor: Neither, relative to other possible majors.
Intellectual: History. Why? I don't know. I think I tend to associate Poly Sci with a major for those who think it's the most ideal for a career in government/law.</p>