Which STEM teacher rec should I send?

Two of my STEM teachers have agreed to write recs for me: my 11th grade AP Bio teacher, and my 12th grade Honors Anatomy & Physiology teacher. My AP Bio teacher taught me for my first semester of junior year and has a good impression of me, but she doesn’t quite know me outside of class or the extracurriculars that I did. My Anatomy teacher has been my Science Olympiad club sponsor for the past 4 years and knows my role as Captain of the team, but she has only taught me for about 3 weeks (2 online classes per week). She knows me better personally, but also doesn’t know me in the classroom. Anatomy is also a fairly easy class compared to AP Bio (I’m planning on majoring in bio). Which teacher’s rec would be better for me to submit?

IMO ask your AP Bio teacher as you’re majoring in Bio, it’s the more rigorous class, and the Anatomy teacher has little basis (you haven’t been in the class for much time) for writing about your academic strength.

You can always submit as an additional letter if you want (some schools, like Brown, allow more than 2 letters.)

Hope that helps! Good luck with admissions!

These are recommendations from educators to educators, who want to know how you perform in a classroom setting. Your AP Bio teacher would be better positioned to address this topic.

Additional letters should be used sparingly, from outsiders who have closely interacted with a student over an extended period and can provide meaningful input.