Which SUNY to attend?

I applied for CS to Stony Brook, Binghamton, and University at Buffalo. I got into the CS program for all Bing and Buff, but AOI in Pre Comp Sci for Stony Brook, which means I have to complete pre reqs with a certain GPA before getting into the actual major.
Financially, Stony Brook would be the cheapest and cost about 16k a year, Buffalo would cost about 17k a year, and Binghamton would cost about 20k a year.
I am also unsure about majoring in computer science now, and am thinking about possibly switching to nursing and then minoring in computer science.
I live in NYC, and would like to be somewhat close to home. SBU is about 2 hours away, Bing is 4 hours away, and Buffalo is about 8 hours away, so SBU would win in this category.
I also do not care much for parties.

Based on everything listed above, which SUNY should I choose? I have been leaning towards SBU, but I wanted to get other peoples’ opinions.

If you are leaning SBU (and it sounds from your post that stony brook checks all your boxes) thats what I would go for. You sound like a hard-working kid so while there’s the risk you won’t get accepted into CS, as long as you put in the work you should be fine.

If you’re not confidant that you can maintain a high GPA, then between Bing and buffalo that’s up to you both are very good achools.

Choose one where you’re in your chosen major already.
Personally, I’d pick Buffalo because they’re really strong in CS and they’re basically the same cost as Stony Brook.

How is Binghamton more expensive than the other two? I go to Albany

I’d pick Buffalo. They have a good CS program, you’re already accepted to the major, and the cost is comparable to Stony Brook. The drive to Buffalo is long, but it isn’t horrible. I think you can get used to the distance.

Buffalo has the best CS program and I am a firm believer in taking direct entry if available. If you think you might switch to nursing, you should investigate what you would need to do to get into that major. If you were going for nursing now, I’d recommend Plattsburgh for its excellent direct entry program, but, otherwise, see what would be required to transfer in at the schools you are accepted at.

As for distance, I live on LI and have kids who attended both Plattshurgh and Fredonia (45 - 60 minutes further than Buffalo). The schools sponsor buses down to Port Authority and other locations, amtrak from Buffalo to Penn Station is doable (I did it with my son for his orientation at Fred) and, if you buy early enough, you can get cheapish flights from Buffalo - pick an airline and sign up for miles. My son just drove home this morning for spring break with a friend who has a car. They left a 4 AM, he got home at 1:30 P.M. and they stopped a few times to eat and stretch. They weren’t rushing. It’s a long ride up there, but he loves it. My H is a SBU alum but none of my kids would even consider it - too close to home.

You have nice options, good luck.

Definitely pick the ones where you have been directly admitted to the major.
How do you feel about snow? How do you feel about being 4 vs 8 hours away?
Do you want to go home for short breaks?
You won’t go wrong with either Buff or Bing.

Buffalo has wretched winters and is far more concerned with graduate education than undergraduate. Based on my old SUNY job, I routinely tell people that Binghamton is the best undergrad education of the 4 SUNY centers.

@NASA2014 I got scholarships for SBU and Buffalo, but nothing from Bing.


Although Buffalo has a great program for you, it is a huge institution which IMHO, isn’t geared toward the undergraduate student right out of high school. The winters are horrible. I can never recommend this school for a undergrad.

Winters in Buffalo aren’t too bad. I spent four years at UB and grew up on LI. Yeah, it’s cold and snows, but you get used to it. The school closed only once in the time spent there. The metro area there is used to it - downstate everyone freaks at the sight of flurries.

To @Empireapple point, I would say to an prospective undergraduate, UB will not handhold or spoon feed you. You will have to be willing to seek out answers to your questions. One of my best friends from HS who attended with me eventually left because of that and ended up transferring to a much smaller college.