which test is the hardest of four sat practice tests?

From the four tests, which test was the hardest for you? I thought the third test was the hardest of the four tests. DId you think the difficulty was about the same?

Does it really make any difference which practice test is the hardest? On test day, you and your classmates will all be taking the SAME test. It only matters how well you do compared to other people.

If the test is harder, the curve is more generous; if the test is easier, the curve is stingier.

Also, it’s very difficult for one person to objectively determine which SAT practice test is harder unless he/she is well-trained and extremely familiar with the test. I wouldn’t be able to determine myself if I took them. For one person, many factors can determine which test was “harder.”

If you were to ask a large group of people that took all four practice tests, and significantly more people said test A (or whichever) over the others, then you might be able to get an idea which one is harder.