Which tests to take/retake?

<p>My June (first time) SAT II results:
Math II: 800 (89th percentile)
Chemistry: 740 (74th percentile)
US History: 740 (87th percentile)</p>

<p>I will take 3 more tests in November. One of them will be French with Listening. That leaves room for 2 more tests. My options for the remaining 2 tests are:</p>

Physics <a href="see%20below">b</a>**
Chemistry retake
US History retake</p>

<p>Literature: The only reason I'm considering taking this is so I can distinguish myself from the majority of other Asian applicants who take Maths/Sciences/Histories. I am not, however, strong at this subject. I believe I got 4 or 5 on the AP Lang tests, but poetry is not my thing. Nonetheless, will taking this test and getting 700+ on it better than getting a 750+ on tests Asians commonly take?</p>

<p>Physics: I HAVE NOT YET TAKEN ANY PHYSICS COURSE. I'm considering this because I want to major in Astronomy/Astrophysics, which is more related to Physics than Chemistry. Also Physics is generally seen as a more intellectual test than Chemistry, and it has a nice curve. My question: is it worth it to start learning Physics (only material that will appear on the SAT II test) from scratch now until the test?</p>

<p>Chemistry: I'm really inclined to retake this since I scored at the 74th percentile on the June test and my. I feel colleges look at percentile for the Subject Tests so I'm really worried about this score (740 leaves lots of room for improvement). Should I retake it?</p>

<p>US History: Same as Chemistry, but the percentile I scored at is higher (87th). Again, 740 leaves a lot of room for improvement. Should I retake it?</p>

<p>Considering all the above, which 2 of the 4 tests should I take in November (remember I'm also taking the French w/ Listening test)? And in what order (for those of you skilled at Psychology)?</p>

<p>Give me some love people</p>


<p>first chem and then Lit and then French. So you'll feel better when you take Lit. And chem needs more clear-headness.(that is if you're real good at french and could risk taking it last)</p>

<p>I agree that a 740 leaves a lot of room for improvement and it would look way better if you can get a 780~800.
Lit will definitely set you apart from other Asian applicants.</p>

<p>PHYSICS is only worth it if you want to take AP physics too.</p>