Which tests? which scores? SAT or TOEFL?

<p>simply, MIT gives two options for non-native english speakers ; #1 with SAT1+SAT2 Writing AND #2 with TOEFL instead of SAT1+SAT2 Writing (both options require SAT2 2 Subjects)</p>

<p>if there is anyone who knows more about it, which option is better for me??
i would get roughly 270-290(depends on an essay i guess),
and my predicted SAT verbal score (i took it on Oct.9) is about 550-580.
i certainly;; know my SAT score is way too low, but dont know whether putting a TOEFL score instead of SAT1 would be better. (you know, it might be shown as "too poor english to even take SAT1")</p>

<p>what do you think?
p.s : do colleges even care about TOEFL score?? if so, how much??</p>

<p>Yea, i'm wondering the same thing. I took SAT I and SAT II Writing.
I'm hoping around 650 verbal, do you guys think i should take TOEFL?</p>

<p>I think its better u take the TOEFL if ur SAT Verbal score is less than 600.</p>

<p>are u guys us citizens?</p>

<p>a little bump for myself.</p>

<p>mit_hopefulgirl / i am not a us citizen</p>

<p>what do you guys , if you are non-native english speaker, get (SAT1 verbal, SAT2writing, and/or TOEFL)</p>

<p>it's freaky that some international students could pull their sat1 verbal score so much T_T</p>

<p>Is there really no cut-off level for SAT and TOEFL scores in admission process?</p>

<p>Just for safety, given I may have a brilliant form, SAT's scores and essays, what TOEFL score should I have to be 90% sure of getting admission?</p>

<p>The question seems rather silly, but it is because there is it!</p>

<p>i sucked. verbal 500 would get me in nowhere T_T .. am i better off with TOEFL??</p>

<p>as ipsen1985 asked, what TOEFL score should be considered as safe for non-native english speakers??</p>


<p>I think they say there is no cutoff because they consider the applicant's unique situation. If, for example, you have some really, really outstanding accomplishments, they might outweigh a bad score or two, I guess. I think the more likely situation would be if you got into a car accident and your right arm has been in a cast for six months, so you have had trouble keeping up in school ... :)</p>

<p>well i am just talking about a normal student with no OUTstanding accomplishment T_T...
i seriously got shocked by my score. 500 is lower than what i got on my diagonostic test. i wont commit suicide, but i gotta slap my face !!!</p>

<p>tell me what to do with it!!</p>