Which to send to colleges, ACT or SAT?

<p>If my ACT score is much higher than my SAT score, and the college only requires one, should I still send both of them or just the ACT? (In my case, I am probably applying to Stanford and my SAT is 1350 and my ACT is 32.)</p>

<p>definitely ACT</p>

<p>well you'll have to send both since sending SATIIs will also send SAT 1s. it definitely won't hurt you. they will look at your ACT score.</p>

<p>Don't send the SAT if they accept the ACT as a substitute for SAT I and IIs. If they require SAT IIs, then you pretty much have to send the SAT. It all depends on the school.</p>

<p>If you send both, Stanford will rely on the one it believes is higher for the purpose of admission. You could just send the ACT because Stanford does not require SAT II's. Nevertheless, it does "recommend" SAT II's and many applicants construe that as meaning they better send II's. If you order official SAT II scores sent to Stanford, the College Board will automatically also send your SAT I score. You should also note that your high school transcript that will be sent to Stanford most likely will show all your test scores, so you really have little ability to prevent Stanford from knowing a score.</p>