Which types of colleges should I search for? (scores and interests)

I am a high school senior and need to start making more decisions on college types. I know there are so many to choose from, so maybe just advice on how I can knock out large amounts of choices would be helpful. Honestly, I’m just really nervous and feel a little lost with all the options.

The most important things for me right now in my college search is undergraduate research opportunities and MERIT- based scholarships. Otherwise, I do not have any big preferences, so fire away. Any suggestions on schools is much appreciated.

I want to major in something chemistry-based (biochem, gen chem, chem engineering).
I am considering double majoring in Chem+Spanish or maybe a minor in Spanish or art
I think I want my job to be researched-based once I graduate
My hobbies include painting, reading, learning, teaching kids, yoga

Here are some of my stats
-ACT- 36 (each subject)
-5’s: AP Chem, AP Pysch, AP US history, AP Human Geo, AP Lang
-4’s: AP Spanish lang, AP Euro,

  • 3: AP Stats
    -GPA- 4.0 unweighted and 4.68 unweighted
    -I will have taken 5 sciences and 5 maths
    -My pSAT score got me a “small town” recognition (whatever that means)
    -Don’t rank, but will be valedictorian

This years schedule:
AP Gov, AP Econ, AP Bio, AP Spanish Lit, Art II, AP Eng Lit, AP Calc, AP Physics

-Nat Spanish Honor Society(Secretary last year, president this year)
-Nat Honor Society
-tutored elementary kids and volunteered at science week
-Leader in Advertisement for hosting a Dance Marathon at my high school
-Chem Olympiad
-started a book club
-helped found astronomy club(secretary)

If there is anymore info you would need to help me out, please let me know :slight_smile:

What is your budget?

Congratulations on your achievements so far.

In addition to the above, what state do you live in? And…because you wrote ‘maths’, are you an international student?

My parents and I want to not pay much for my undergraduate schooling. Probably under 15,000, but I also want to apply to schools where I can get a full ride.

I live in Tennessee, so nope : P

A full ride will be hard to come by, $15K will cover room and board and maybe some extras, so sounds like you need full tuition at a minimum.

Are you a national merit semi-finalist? And again, what state do you live in?

If you would like to reach for a full-tuition merit scholarship, look into the University of Rochester, which represents an excellent match for your academic interests.

@Mwfan1921 Sadly not, but I did qualify for their “small town” recognition program. I live in Tennessee

I agree…they were very generous with me.

Have you run a Net Price Calculator at any meets full need school to she was it returns? Sometimes people don’t realize that financial aid will get them to their price point. The outcome of that test would greatly change your search.

Full ride available:
Has chemical engineering:

@Alwaysimproving7 I’m assuming since you’re asking, you want to go OOS. Are you applying to UTK’s ChemE program? You’ll receive honors, volunteer and hope scholarships and probably have a good shot at some of the other competitive scholarships. I think they may all stack, but double check. Any $ you save could be used for grad school OOS.

Check out the presidential elite scholarship at Bama

@AlwaysMoving forgot about Bama presidential elite; great idea, since OP has the 36 and 4.0. D20 missed it by 1 ACT point, ugghh Good deal if you can get it, 4 years of tuition, 1 year of housing, plus stipends