which uc and why?

<p>class of '11, uc apps are almost here... which ucs are you applying to, which is your top choice, and why?</p>

<p>for me its</p>

<p>UC Berkeley - top choice, love the area/sf, great psych program, new place to experience living, top uc.

<p>the rest of the schools are in order of preference to me (and coincidentally close to order of rankings)...im going to be a psych major and im only applying to uc schools.</p>

<p>UCSD has a good psych major..I think, unless it's another major.</p>

<p>yeah, the top tier uc's all have really great psych programs, and ive even heard of ucsd's being better than ucla/berkeley's though ive heard many opinions and read many lists.</p>

<p>bump (nobody wants to respond?)</p>

<p>im applying to UCLA Berkeley UCSD and UCI. I dont know what i want to do, so I'm going to apply as an engineering major so it is easier to switch out when I want.</p>

<p>Well I will be the class of '12, but I felt like posting about my favorite UC's.</p>

<li>UCSB - In a class of its own.....I love it.....It's the Bigz!</li>


<p>UCD and here is why!
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<p>So you can spy on people/get spied on?</p>

<p>Let's give UCM some love.</p>

<p>Ya Ima be spying on some football games in that new stadium real soon. It's gonna be hella tight dude.</p>

<p>UCLA- top choice, close to home, i love LA, great biology/pre med (eventhough they dont have the official major) program

the four schools you list have very different environments. have you visited them dude?</p>

<p>In order of preference:
UCLA (great overrall feeling when I visited)
UCSD (same as UCLA but didnt give a feeling as strong as UCLA did)
UCI (So Cal)
UCD (about 100 kids from my HS go there every year...so i'll know a lot of ppl)
UCSB (party, So cal)
UCSC (last resort)</p>

<p>Cal's psychology program is excellent, but the major is so loaded right now it's capping is inevitable, and competition is intense. Other than that, many students here place academics in secondary importance because of so much extracirricular stuff available. Here, you'll be happy to get a B+ in a class.</p>

<p>1)UCLA - Great atmospher and enviorment for me
2)UCSB - I can play beer pong every day
3)UCB - Great engineering school, winning football team, close by
4)UCSD- San Diego is a great city to live in</p>