Which UC should I transfer from?

<p>Well I'm trying to decide whether to go to merced, riverside, or santa cruz. Meced is a new school, created in 05, and I would assume it is easy to get a high GPA, however rs and sc has more of a history, so i am unsure. I plan on transfering to uc davis, sd or la. Does anyone have any suggestions? I dont wanna go to a JC.</p>

<p>Why not go to a JC, you could sign a TAG for guaranteed admission to UCSD or UCD, do TAP for a better chance at ucla, and it's cheaper.</p>

<p>Can't i do a guarenteed admission from merced as well? I really dont want to go to a JC, I hate it with passion. No social atmosphere. Anyone have experiences from transfering uc to uc?</p>

<p>No guarantees UC to UC and priority is given to CCC transfers over internal UC transfers. Plus i can imagine it would be even harder to get a higher gpa at one of the UC's compared to your local CC. People do inter UC transfers though so it's definitely not impossible, it's just a bit easier from CCC.</p>

<p>Just a bit easier? Do you know the admission rates from uc transfers vs jc transfers? I know merced is much easier than other UCs. but i dunno if this is a factor in deciding admissions.</p>

<p>How can you complain about social atmosphere when you've already made up your mind to transfer?</p>

<p>Do everyone at those 3 UC's a favor and go to a CCC. Nobody wants a temporary friend who thinks he is too cool for school. At least at a CCC you're expected to move on after 2 years.</p>

<p>cause 2 years in a jr college just ****ing sucks</p>

<p>True, but you have to ask yourself if two years of a 'social experience' is worth the $13,000 - $20,00 in tuition alone (depending whether your there for two years or three and how high the tuition will spike over the next two years), vs. essentially free tuition at a CC as long as you qualify for a BOG (and you'd have a hard time finding people who don't.)</p>

<p>Here's a personal opinion from a CC transfer. Go to a 4-year university, if you truly end up hating it then transfer, but who knows you might get to that university and meet a bunch of people you like have a great time and pull really good grades. You might land yourself something great there, you just never know. Contrary to most of the people on this forum, prestige isn't everything, especially going to grad school.. its what you do in the 4 years you are there. Being at a CC sucks, plus it is never fun telling people you go there. That being said, a CC education is not bad and if you choose to go there it is not necessarily a bad decision either.</p>

<p>UCLA has a program with UC Merced which is that if you stay at uc merced for 2 years, you can transfer to ucla. Here is the link:</p>

<p>The</a> Daily Bruin - Program at Merced to draw students</p>

<p>So i will recommend UC merced as your best option to not go to a JC.</p>

<p>Here is also more info:</p>

<p>University</a> of California - Admissions</p>

<p>Yeah thats only if you just fall short of their min requirements, and im not even close, so i can't really do that. still trying to decide btw santa cruz and merced, might end up going to sc</p>

<p>If you're worried about social experience, for sure go to a UC. Unless you go to SBCC your JC experience will have a strict zero fun policy. I almost WANT to spend 3 years wherever I end up just to make up for lost time in JC. I know it's shallow, but when I'm 80 I want to be able to look back on my college years and know that I had some fun as well as got a great education.</p>

<p>Mkris, I think you are going to have fun when you transfer dont worry ;) Even when I go visit friends at universities i meet new people and usually end up hanging out with them instead of my own friends lol. Its easy meeting people and having a good time.</p>

<p>i would go to riverside.. you can drive down to LA and have fun
and some of my friends go there and they say it's pretty fun there</p>