Which UC should I use my TAG for?

<p>I want to be an international relations major and move down to a UC in southern California. I do not want to party but I love UCSB's campus. But I'm not so sure if that would be best for my major because they only have a global studies and political science major. UCSB concerns me because it is a huge party school and people will assume i am going there to party. So should I consider going to UCSD or UCI?</p>

<p>I wouldn't shy away from UCSB just because of the party scene stigma, it has an outstanding reputation and I know you'll be able to find plenty of students who don't party. I would bet that the party scene isn't much better (and by that I mean lesser) at UCSD or UCI, just go to the school with the best program and overall feel for you.</p>

<p>Logically, it makes sense to TAG to UCSD almost regardless of what your major is. UCSD has the lowest admissions rate and the most stringent TAG requirements (> 3.5 GPA), so if you get into UCSD and you qualify for TAG you should be in fairly good standing to get into any of the other "TAGable" UCs without it.</p>