Which UCs can I get accepted to?!

<p>I am anxious as to what my future situation will be. I have a 3.4 weighted GPA, which is held down by two semesters in which I was extremely young and immature and got only 2.5s. ~2000 on my SAT score, which I still have time to take again and improve, 690 on the chemistry subject test and 710 on Math II. I also have about 60 hours of community service. I am active in my school's chapter of MUN, and president of a political activism club. My mother was also deported and I had a difficult childhood, so I can write an essay in which I talk about the difficulty of my childhood. Does anybody know what UCs I can be accepted to if any? I want to be a political science major and am looking at UCSC, UCD and UCSB.</p>

<p>I greatly appreciate any feedback!</p>

<p>Are you including your freshmen year in calculating your weighted GPA? You're in luck if that's what's holding you down because UCs don't look at your freshmen year.</p>

<p>If that 3.4 weighted GPA is just your 10th/11th grade scores then you're in a bit of a pickle. Your test scores are above average for the schools you listed, but your GPA is quite below. Make up for it with an impressive essay and above-par recommendations and do a lot more community service. 60 hours isn't that much compared to the crazy kids who have stocked up over 200.</p>

<p>MORE EC's! 200 hours is just a minimum! Get more than that!</p>

<p>You're in Riverside and Merced.
I don't know for the other UC's. You have a shot, but not a great one.</p>

<p>You're definitely in UCR, UCM, UCSC. I got in UCSC with a lower SAT score than that and my UC GPA was a 3.26. I just remembered to explain in my personal statement why I didn't do better because of personal and life circumstances.</p>