Which UCs can I get into?

<p>I'm about to finish up my sophomore year in a SoCal high school and my brother just graduated with an engineering degree from UC Berkeley and talked to me about colleges. To be honest, I'm scared about my future because I feel like I'm not as smart as him or keep up with what he did in high school. I'm currently wondering if I can get into UC schools. So here goes! This is what it looks like so far!</p>

1st sem: 3.4 Unweighted / 4.2 Weighted
2nd sem as of right now:
3.83 Unweighted / 4.5 Weighted</p>

1- Regular World History
2- Honors Algebra II
3- Honors English
4- Jazz Ensemble
5- Honors/ IB Spanish III
6- Honors Chemistry</p>

-Youth Group Leader/ Leadership Team for Church (1 year)
-Red Cross Member (2 years)
-Society To End Poverty (2 years)
-Marching Band and Jazz Ensemble (2 years)
-Piano (10 years, I love to play piano =])
-Volunteering at clinic/ hospital (2 years)</p>

<p>-Volunteering hours from clinic and hospital = 161 hours
-Community Service hours from Red Cross/ STEP/ Church = ~ 45 hours</p>

I'm not sure if Band awards count but I'll list it anyways
-Most Outstanding Freshman
-Most Outstanding Sophomore
-Best Jazz Musician</p>

<p>-Principal's Honor Roll (4.0+ GPA) for both semesters</p>

<p>Classes for Next Year (Junior Year):
0- Marching Band (1st semester only)
1- AP Chemistry
2- Honors Pre-Calc/ Trig
3- AP English
4- Jazz Ensemble
5- Regular U.S. History
6- No class or ROP Medical</p>

<p>I plan to review for the SAT Reasoning as well as take Physics at the local community college this summer. I'm thinking of taking SAT Math II and SAT Chem. I also plan to continue my same ECs for the rest of high school. I'm not sure what I want to be but maybe an engineer or something in the medical field. I just hope I do well on my SAT.
But I don't want to plan to far ahead because I know plans change.</p>

<p>So, which UCs do you guys think I will get accepted into?</p>

<p>You're on track to get into probably every UCs. Just keep up the good work and you'll make it in. Do great on the SAT!</p>

<p>How will responses here effect your plans? Just do your best, and consider the PSAT in March.</p>

<p>Having just gone through this with my son, the best advice I can give would be to take the most difficult academic schedule you can handle and do well. I would also consider taking AP US History if available at your school. It's not that difficult of an AP class and it would look really good on your transcript. Also, do not take it easy senior year! Continue to find leadership opportunities and really nail your personal statements. Other than that, there really is nothing more you can do. Getting into Berkeley and UCLA is very difficult. Many are turned down with well over a 4.0. All you can do is your best. The rest is out of your hands....</p>

<p>@naixn92: really?! thanks! yeahh i'll continue to do my best!</p>

<p>@Shrinkrap: mmm i think i'm just worrying about it too much.</p>

<p>@momsfirst3: Yeah, I was considering taking AP US History but I'm afraid it will be too time consuming. I might not have enough time for hw and etc. I signed up for APUSH and my counselor said if I can't handle it for the 1st month I can drop it and it won't be on my transcript. Yeah! Don't worry I plan to take 4 or 5 AP classes my senior year. For leadership opportunities, I'm thinking about auditioning for Drum Major for band and maybe a board position for a club.</p>

<p>Mmm Berkeley and UCLA? Errr yeah I'll do my best. What about other the other UCs?</p>

<p>Am I worrying too much about this stuff? Everytime around when colleges put up their admittants, I always freak out.</p>

<p>"Am I worrying too much about this stuff? "</p>

<p>Not if "worrying" helps.</p>

<p>Hint; It doesn't.</p>

<p>Ahhh okayy. I'll try not to worry about it =]</p>