Which UCs do rolling admissions?


We know that SC and R have already filed their first batch of decisions out in the past few weeks. I was wondering whether any other UCs historically dropped their decisions in waves rather than all at once? Perhaps Irvine or Santa barbara?

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Rolling admissions:
UCI, UCM, UCR, UCSC and recently UCSD.

UCLA,UCB,UCSB and UCD have consistently admitted students on one day, although UCB and UCSB have offered early admission to a select group of applicants.

It will be interesting to see the decision patterns this year.

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Is there a reason why the results are trickling in so slow for the ones who are doing rolling admissions? Why not just release them in a couple of shots - one for very high stats folks and others for rest including the waitlists & rejects? What’s the point of trickling out results? I know this is not a question anyone here likely can answer - as the decision makers are not looking at these fora. Asking just in case someone knows the reason.

I had a neighbor/friend in admissions at UCSD. Years ago, she said they had to wait and consult with the various colleges on campus (Revelle, Muir, Marshall, Roosevelt, etc.).

It’s not just about admitting students; it’s about numbers. It’s about space, staff, construction (especially now and recently) access, housing and funding. One year they over-enrolled and couldn’t guarantee housing for freshman. UCSD is in the middle of a very elite, limited and expensive housing area. They also have staff on sabbaticals who may/may not be on campus to teach courses or to supervise GA’s.

Some departments submit their admission-related information before the deadlines and some don’t. Financial aid staff need to coordinate their numbers with admissions and with State agencies providing funding.

It’s not just about admitting students, it’s all the other druthers that go with that.

My question is why not do all those calculations and then release all the admission decisions at once or a reasonably spaced time like a couple of days. The other similar public universities from other states that my son got admissions into (University of Florida, Purdue, etc.), or got rejected (UIUC) posted all decisions in a single shot (with perhaps a few early ones for exceptional candidates). Also some UCs are already doing that as @Gumbymom mentioned. Maybe just post them all at once on March 15 instead of March 1.

The UC’s currently receive over 100K applications-each.
Each application is a hopeful student and each application needs to be reviewed and considered appropriately.
The system cannot be overwhelmed and they don’t want to risk crashing the site.
It’s not an excuse, but it helps to understand why each student needs to be reviewed fairly.

Understand. I believe those colleges (UCLA, UCB, University of Florida, UIUC, Purdue, etc.) all received more than 50k applications from all over the US but are historically big national colleges could arrange to have the decisions not be rolling out in small batches. I think what you are saying is that the non national universities like UCR, UCSC, UCI, Cal Poly, etc. admissions departments may not have the right infrastructure to push out all the decisions at once or available in their portals at once - or even over the course of 2-3 days.

Perhaps they should do the decisions push out in a more predictable manner -one of the non-national UCs can release decisions on days 1 to 3 for people with last names starting with A to I; days 4 to 6 last names J to R and days 7 to 9 last names S to Z. Another UC can do the last names J to R first and yet another UC can do S to Z first. That way everyone can get results out on a reasonably predictable manner. The current system is just a big mess and induces a lot of anxiety on the students just because the admissions departments are inefficient.

UCSD, Berkeley, LA all received over 100K applications.

UCSD received over 118K applications.
UCLA received over 168K applications.
UCSB received over 105K applications.
UCB received over 112K applications.
UCI received over 134K applications.
UCD received over 105K applications.
UCR received over 52K applications.
UCM received over 30K applications.
They are all on the same computer system. That’s over 847k in applications. In years past, there have been computer issues.

I am sorry that students are getting anxiety regarding how the UC’s post decisions but I would like to point out that Ivy Day this year is not until April 6 so all the UC decisions will be completed at least a week before that date. Each UC campus is it’s own entity and decide their admissions timeline plus the majority of the UC’s receive far more applicants than any other colleges in the US.

If you look at the top 10 most applied colleges in the US, only 2 are not in California and 6 are UC’s.