Which UC's **require** FAFSA for NON need-based scholarships?

Does anyone have the low down? Does anyone know for sure about any one or all of them?

You need to check the website for each campus or contact FA office.

:frowning: I know. It’s hard to sort them all out…and hard to know, even from their websites, if it’s mandatory, or just part of the standard mantra of how to apply for financial aid. Was hoping someone had a list or something. In fact, that’s something I would expect you to have!! :slight_smile:


To be truly honest FA was and is far from my expertise since I was full pay for both son’s Undergrad. I filled out the FASFA their Freshman year, but not anytime after that time.

In general, if there is a need-based component to a scholarship such as Regents, then filling out the FASFA may increase the amount of the scholarship awarded. If no FASFA is submitted, then a student will only receive the merit portion of the scholarship.

Yeah, same. We’re full pay, but it’s unclear if FAFSA is necessary for non need-based scholarships, and my son has applied for some at some schools. And I did the FAFSA - yay me - and want to make sure it goes to the right schools which require it. He applied to more than ten schools.