Which UCSD school to apply to?

<p>Which UCSD school is the best for engineering, especially computer science. Because there are six schools and i don't know which to apply to. </p>


<p>please i need help on this</p>

<p>I really need to know</p>

<p>You can be an engineering major at any of the colleges, but the majority choose Warren. Besides being closest to the School of Engineering, you are more likely to have engineering major room/suitemates; helpful for studying, etc.</p>

<p>thanks alot</p>

<p>Definitely Warren and look into Sixth though Muir is also quiet flexible with less requirements</p>

<p>What school would be the best for Political Science?</p>

<p>Marshall and Muir would be your best bet.</p>

<p>cool, thanks</p>