Which undergrad business majors are also good for law school?

<p>Hello, I am an incoming freshman that is considering the possibility of law school after my BA. However, I'm not a hundred percent positive about law school so I thought that a business degree would be a good safety net in case I decide to work right out of college and look towards an MBA. So my question is this: which undergraduate business majors would also be good preparation for law school? I've heard that accounting is a good prep for future tax lawyers. But I worry that I may not be able to get a high gpa in this degree and that will jeopardize my chances at a top law school. Listed below are the business majors offered by my school. Any and all input is appreciated!</p>

International Business
Management Information Systems
Supply Chain Management</p>

<p>also, Economics w/Business minor</p>

<p>Law schools don't care about your undergrad degree as long as you don't take theater or fashion design or something.</p>

<p>I'd imagine if you personally wanted to up your skills, accounting would be great for a tax lawyer. Keep in mind, i have absolutely no idea if it would really help, it just seems smart to me.</p>

<p>Accounting => tax law seems like a logical transition</p>

<p>Also, if you go to a great school, Finance/Economics => Restructuring => Securities Law/Bankruptcy Law could make a lot of sense as well.</p>

<p>None of them.</p>

<p>Engineering to patent law...</p>

<p>How about patent law into engineering?</p>

<p>i am actually studying a dual degree-- MBA + LLM-- after i graduate with my accounting degree it would be a great transtion, the most important thing is the LSAT it is pretty simply but people do fail, yes they fail. since you would take business law for business school i would improve your knowledge about law, but the most important thing is logic and reasoning, it crosses all over different courses, science, history, business, you just have to think, so i may advice you to take phil logic and reasoning it really helps, and maybe other reasoning courses. the lsat ask questions like how to/ statements that can be used to refute arguments or explain arguments further, so i would say study speaking with something in debating or arguing or maybe public speaking any. and lastly get so basic knowledge on research and anlysing researches. i recently practised some LSAT test questions. GOODLUCK.</p>

<p>Pay no mind to whistleblower, he is trolling as usual.</p>

<p>Business fields make excellent law backgrounds. You will likely find quite a few prelaw students in the business school.</p>

<p>Law firms like to hire people with accounting knowledge and I've heard accounting and even the traditionally fluffy international business majors get some points in law school admissions for their business background.</p>

<p>As others have pointed out, if you are a CPA with a law degree, you can make a ton of money working in tax and any business degree plus law would be helpful for working in restructuring or M&A.</p>

<p>Bottom line: it's a good plan and you should go for it if you are interested.</p>