Which undergrad major?

<p>Would it be better to get a decent GPA as an engineering major or a high GPA as an accounting type major for the top MBA programs? State school.</p>

<p>Work experience is more important. The GPA will only hurt you if it limits the quality of job you can get after undergrad. GPA isn't a huge factor for MBA as it is for JD and MD.</p>

<p>Work experience is important, so is doing what you are most interested in.</p>

<p>Okay, good news. Thanks.</p>

<p>IMO engineering gives you the most exit options out of UG. I'd go with engineering.</p>

<p>Another question. What kind of work experience do the MBA programs look for? Everyone always says get work experience...but what does that actually entail?</p>

<p>^ a job ;)</p>