Which Undergraduate Ivy Business school is the easiest to get into?

<p>I’m posting this thread in each of the Ancient Eight’s forums. Cornell University has the highest undergraduate acceptance rate, but how do the other schools’ undergraduate business programs compare for acceptance? I know there isn’t an easy Ivy, and that all the schools are different for each applicant’s “fit,” but, statistically, which school would a prospective business student have the best chance of getting into?</p>

<p>Also take into account that only Wharton and Cornell have undergraduate business programs, so use, say, an Economics major for the other schools.</p>

<p>Brown doesn’t release acceptance rates for specific concentrations, especially as many students change their intended concentration after arriving here or during their time at Brown.</p>

<p>You’re trying to analyze a group of mostly liberal arts schools in a way that is generally appropriate only for larger, more compartmentalized universities with brick walls up between departments/schools. You’re not going to be terribly successful doing the comparison that way.</p>