Which unis?

Hey, im studying in the a levels. Ive got 4A’s in my 11th boards and hopefully A and A*s as predicted. I’ve few leadership positions as ECa and my essays are pretty decent i guess(not given SAT tho). I’m thinking of EDing NYU, should i try higher(like northwestern maybe)? or this is realistic

Academic interests?

I’m interested in Business management. Not studied so much finance but ill be open to it.

Consider the University of Michigan Ross School of Business.

Indiana University Kelley School of Business.

Northwestern University does not have an undergraduate business major.

What about NYU?

NYU is outstanding for the study of finance–not sure about management.

NYU is very expensive. What can your parents pay???

yes. They’re okay with it. Besides, arent most unis in US more or less this

any others?

There are plenty of decent places in the US that don’t charge as much as NYU.

What options do you have in your own country? Why do you think you’d like to study in the US?

Mainly for the exposure and diversity. living independently

Keep in mind the amount of international applicants each school gets 27% of class at nyu are international compared to 17% at northwestern. I would say stick with NYU.