Which Universities should I aim for?

Hello guys, I am currently in grade 11 and wanted to ask your opinion about which universities should I aim for and what extracurriculars should I proceed with?

My high school percentage for grade 9 was 96% and for grade 10 was 94%.

I have top 100 ranks in several national level Olympiads in grade 10 and 9 and 1 or 2 national level awards.
I have participated in 2 hackathons till now and have my projects featured. The hackathons were international and hosted by nice universities.
Also I helped people with disabilities learn to code and participated in awareness campaigns against tech scams.
I was selected for an intel’s workshop which was very competitive.
I also got bronze in a website design intercity competition and had leadership position in computer science in my school.
Also, there is a scholar program in my school where students who get scores above 90% from class 5 till class 10 get an award. I have got that too.
I have got a 100% scholarship for studying in Singapore, So I have shifted my school in grade 11.
In this new school, I have founded an Artificial Intelligence Club.
Also I plan to organize 2-3 nation wide hackathons in school (Singapore is very small, so every event is nation wide)
These are all my achievements till now.
(English is not my first language so please excuse me if my tone of writing seems a bit flashy)